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10943033friends5Home for Good: Suffolk, local movement of the national charity Home for Good, hosted two very successful Christmas events in December 2015, which enabled families who foster and/or have adopted to meet together for fun, friendship and peer support.

This year these events took place in Ipswich.  Firstly there was a chance for the adults together together for a well-earned, and uninterrupted, meal out. The second event was a Christmas Party at a local Church Hall, with crafts, games and party food. Father Christmas came to see the children and every child was given a small gift.

“We had great time at the party, it was well organized . There were lots to do and it gave us a chance to meet new families and have a good chat without feeling any pressure. We had been to other parties where we used to live but none as good as this. We could not believe the amount that turned up , it is nice to know that there is a good support network out there !!!!”

In all over 25 families and 40 children ranging from new-born babies to 10 years, attended one of both of these events. They are crucial in allowing families opportunities to meet others who have similar experiences and challenges. Children also get to understand that other children have also have needed new or temporary families to care for them.

Peer support is very important to these families and they are grateful for space and time to offload and encourage each other. They very much look forward to regular monthly meet ups and other holiday activities they will share in 2016.

‘For me the best thing about 'Home for Good' meet ups, including the Christmas party, is how non-judgemental people are. There is immediately a real sense of belonging without actually knowing many people. We loved it, the kids even more so’ If you are, or know families who foster or adopt in Suffolk, we would like to connect you/them with other families in their local area – Feel free to contact us or go online to find out more.

Our thanks goes to the local Churches who support the work of Home for Good: Suffolk financially and who offer their buildings for us to use. We couldn’t do it without their support.

Melissa NaishMelissa Naish is married and has 2 adoptive children and lives in East Ipswich. She is passionate about strengthening families and transforming young lives. She is the co-ordinator of Home for Good:Suffolk 

For more information about Home for Good or to contact, details are as follows: Suffolk@homeforgoood.org.uk / www.homeforgood.org.uk/suffolk

(The views expressed here are those of the author, not of Heart 4 Ipswich, and are intended to stimulate constructive debate. We welcome your thoughts upon the ideas expressed here, posted as comments below)

Melissa Naish, 08/02/2016
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