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The Review of the book "Now that you are Baptised Let's Talk" written by Reverend Angela Briscoe.

This book is very practical and so very easy to understand whether you are in Church or thinking about it. The book is not aimed at any age group in particular and appeals to all generations, answering so many questions for example - I'm told it is best to read my Bible everyday : But is that realistic?  or What if I am tempted to do something I used to do?  Rev. Angela does not give her opinions but leads them to the answers in the Bible and lets them make up their own mind based upon God's word.

I would highly recommend this book for individual study or for group study.

Review written by Marie Chisnall of The Ark Church, Ipswich.

About the book

Now That You Are Baptised, Let's Talk was inspired by countless questions from various people, seeking to be 'Born Again' Christians, as well as many newly baptised believers, who have expressed difficulty in obtaining answers about some practical faith and church related issues.

The example of the 'New Birth' as a step to accessing the Kingdom of Heaven featured by Jesus in St John Chapter 3 is very clear. However, there is often a degree of procrastination in making the decision to be baptised.

A 'Pre-Baptism Notes' section aims to inform and encourage people who are contemplating baptism; Presented in a question and explanation style, Now That You Are Baptised, Let's Talk, contains practical concerns and issues about certain Christian living standards. There is a touch of humour; opportunity for further study; as well as encouraging 'you'll be fine' notes at the end of some explanations. Testimonies are added to demonstrate that the challenges and temptations faced by Christians are not uncommon, and with positive affirmation believers can overcome victoriously.  

Where can I find it?

"Now that you're baptised let's talk" can be purchased from CLC Bookshop 16 St Matthews Street, Ipswich for only £6.99

(The views expressed here are those of the author, not of Heart 4 Ipswich, and are intended to stimulate constructive debate. We welcome your thoughts upon the ideas expressed here, posted as comments below)

Marie Chisnall, 31/08/2015
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