"There Must be More to Life Than This!"

Book cover‘There Must be More to Life than This!’ (subtitled How to experience God in everyday life).

This is an unusual book. It comes in two quite distinct halves. Part 1 is a series of stories, or recollections, taken from the life of “an ordinary Christian who has experienced God”, and Part 2 is effectively a series of mini sermons that summarise some important fundamentals of the Christian faith, though again from a very personal perspective.
Barrie Lawrence lives in Norfolk, but has close links to Ipswich through family members who live here. He has spent most of his life working as a dentist in his own practice. His formative years, however, were in London, when he was a student at the London Hospital in Whitechapel. It was here that he learned much about life and found faith in Christ from a position of atheism.
His life has certainly been eventful. There have been times of real struggle, both financially and emotionally, and, as he admits, times when he has ‘really messed up’. But the book is a clear testimony to the God who has forgiven, renewed relationships and continued to bless.
Most of us like stories and Barrie’s candid recollections of significant events in his life draw us in to a view of the world that is both pragmatic and deeply spiritual. At various times he has experienced clear guidance form God, seen miracles of healing in his own and other’s lives, and received answers to prayer. At one time he opened a Christian bookshop in a small market town and, although this was often in a precarious financial position, ‘the Lord stepped in and met the need’, so that the shop was able to operate for several years. On other occasions he tells of miraculous healings, including recovery of a broken arm, in response to prayer.
This book will not resonate with everyone. Barrie writes from a particular perspective on the Christian life that some will not feel comfortable with. But the reality of his experiences and his honesty in their telling are a challenge to all of us to take the whole gospel seriously. Above all, he has an infectious enthusiasm about the things of God and a burning desire to share them with others.
The underlying theme is the breaking in of the supernatural to ordinary lives, and the importance of experiencing as well as believing. As he says in his conclusion, ‘I am not an ordained minister, nor do I have a degree in theology, and nor do I have a position in the hierarchy of the church. I am an ordinary Christian and I experience God.’

Alan Fisher

There Must be More to Life than This!’ is available at book shops, as well as Amazon.com and W H Smith online at £8.99.

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Alan Fisher, 01/02/2013
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