Jesus loves science

Of course Jesus loves science: he's the original scientist isn't he? So went one of the lines from a seminar I hosted for over 1,000 young people across three Christian festivals this summer.
 And the emphasis is on hosted. Although the crowd received my limited, if enthusiastic, perspective on the subject, I handed the floor over for the bulk of the time to a real live scientist - fake and dead ones being much harder to coax into speaking - Dr. Ruth Bankewicz of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion.
We had several aims for the seminar. Yes, we did answer the 'Did God create Dinosaurs?' type questions, handled the inevitable Dawkins debate, and the ensuing old earth/young earth creationist queries. But we also encouraged a whole load of teenagers who were about to start science A-levels and degrees to gain a broader perspective, to see that God desires Spirit-anointed scientists as much as he desires Spirit-anointed preachers and worship leaders.

That's why we entitled the talk 'Jesus loves science' and not 'The science and faith debate' or 'Has science disproved, killed or perhaps just slightly maimed God?'dna1

Because, as Ruth succinctly put it, 'Science is not Richard Dawkins's territory; it's God's.'

It's time that we got passionate about what science teaches us about our creator and the contribution science makes to helping heal a broken world and its broken people.

And so I'm encouraged by the ever-increasing phalanx of scientists who love their work and love their God even more. Not because of apologetics - 'hey look, really clever people believe in God, Christianity must be plausible, right?' But because of those scientists' reverence for their subject, their child like excitement at exploration, their humility in the face of the mysteries of the universe.

Since the created order (and sometimes seeming chaos) belongs to God, we have nothing to fear from the discoveries of science. We only have to fear how flawed humans sometimes handle those discoveries.

Science is not our territory, it's God's and that's why we're not 'taking it back' - God never let go of it in the first place. And in this way, perhaps, we might share Einstein's sentiment:

'I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details.'



Author: Jason Gardner
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